Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Gloria Steinem

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My Favorite Feminists quotes from Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Gloria Steinem

Gloria E. AnzaldúaInterviews/Entrevistas one of my favorite feminists. If you’ve never read her work, shame on you. She led me to the water and I drank.

“Why am I compelled to write?… Because the world I create in the writing compensates for what the real world does not give me. By writing I put order in the world, give it a handle so I can grasp it. I write because life does not appease my appetites and anger… To become more intimate with myself and you. To discover myself, to preserve myself, to make myself, to achieve self-autonomy. To dispell the myths that I am a mad prophet or a poor suffering soul. To convince myself that I am worthy and that what I have to say is not a pile of shit… Finally, I write because…

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2 Responses to Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Gloria Steinem

  1. cchsbookgroup says:

    I studied with Gloria Anzaldua in 1979 at San Francisco State, where I took a journal writing course through Women Studies with her. I was 19 and so green — she was lovely, generous and kind to me and the others, inviting us to class at her apartment, turning us on to the politics of the moment. Over the years, I saw her at conferences, hosted her at our Gender Studies Conference at Lewis & Clark. She was ever the same: smart and soft spoken, razor-sharp in her observations. So sad she left us early, but her writing is a great legacy for us all.

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