Ziggies Poetry Fest, July 29-31

I’ll be leading a poetry workshop on Saturday 2:30-4:30

“You’ve Gotta Right to Write the Blues”  $5   Best deal in town.  See the entire schedule below.  Hope you can join us.

4923 W. 38th Avenue, Denver

www.ziggieslivemusic.com/Ride of my life


3:00 PM Seth: Performance Workshop $5

5:00 PM Open Mic $5

6:30 PM Performance with Eleanor Swanson, Jerry

Smaldone, Lynda La Rocca, Valerie Szarek, and Phil

Woods! $10

Live Music $7 With The Blue 88’s


10:30 AM Debbi Brody: Odd Wo/man out $5

12:30 PM Rachel Kellum: Ekphrastic Workshop $5

2:30 PM Jackie St. Joan: Workshop $5

5:00 PM Open Mic $5

6:30 PM Performance with Jackie St. Joan, Barbara Ford,

Carter Hirty, Rachel Kellum, Debbi Brody, and the 2016

Ziggies Poet of the Year! $10

Live Music $7 With The Encounters


Continental Breakfast

Workshop and Reading with Judyth Hill


About jackiestjoan

Jackie St. Joan is not Ziggies Poet Laureate, but she currently serves as Ziggies Poet of the Year. Her novel, My Sisters Made of Light, was a finalist of the Colorado Book Award in Literary Fiction. Her first collection of poems is forthcoming and she is working on a sequel to her novel.
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