Jacqueline St. Joan

JackieMy writing intersects law and literature with the voices of contemporary women.

I have both a law degree and a Master’s in creative writing. My novel, My Sisters Made of Light (Press 53) was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award in Literary Fiction. I have won numerous writing awards, most recently first place in 2015 free verse category by the Columbine Poets of Colorado. I currently serve as Poet of the Year for Ziggies, (http://ziggieslivemusic) Denver’s oldest blues club.

I have completed a memoir about my youth and my years as a controversial Denver judge. I am currently writing a sequel to My Sisters Made of Light and preparing a poetry manuscript. My work been published by Ms., The Denver Quarterly, Tumblewords: Writers Reading the West, Empire Magazine, The Bloomsbury Review, Disturbing the Peace, Texas Journal on Women and the Law, and Harvard Women’s Law Journal, The Denver Post, Chokecherries, and others.

For more than thirty years I worked as a lawyer, judge, law professor and child advocate, collaborating to establish Project Safeguard, a victim advocacy organization, Denver’s first specialized protective orders court, a clemency reform project for women in prison who killed their abusers, and a legal services clinic for battered women.

I was a co-founder and writer for Big Mama Rag: a women’s newsjournal, published in Denver from 1972-1982. During the seventies I wrote articles for Quest: a feminist quarterly, a chapter in Our Right to Love, and a foreword for Spinsters Ink. I owned and operated Antelope Publications, publishing essays by feminist authors, Charlotte Bunch and Adrienne Rich.



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