Annie Dawid

AnnieDawid_readingAnnie Dawid lives and writes in the Sangre de Cristo range of South-Central Colorado. An English professor and director of creative writing for 15 years at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Annie left full-time teaching for full-time writing. She founded BloomsburyWest, a retreat for writers and artists, in 2006 and shuttered it in 2012.
Annie Dawid’s new book of linking stories, And Darkness Was Under His Feet: Stories Of A Family, won the 2007 Litchfield Award for Short Fiction and was published in 2008. Her last book, Lily in the Desert: Stories, was published in 2001 by the Carnegie-Mellon University Press.Her first book, York Ferry, a novel, is now in a second printing from Cane Hill Press of NYC. Both books can be bought in any bookstore, on-line or in the flesh. You can also buy copies of York Ferry directly from the writer. Her photographs, assemblages and rugs have also appeared in various literary magazines as well as shows in Oregon and Colorado. She also designs and hooks rugs, which have been featured in Colorado galleries. Her story about Sept. 11, 2001, “The Closer You Were, the Less You Knew,” won a prize in the Glimmer Train Fiction Open and was published in Glimmer Train Stories in the Winter 2007 issue.
In 2004, she was writer-in-residence at the University of North Dakota’s annual writer’s conference. In 2003, she taught master classes in the short story at the South Australia Writers Center in Adelaide. In 2005-2009, she visited campuses in Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Colorado. At present, she writes columns for the Denver Post’s “Colorado Voices” series, reviews books for Colorado Central and High Country News, and teaches AP English part time at the Custer County High School in Westcliffe,CO, where she lives with her son, Isaiah Max, and her dogs, Fred and Fanny.

Annie has recently taught workshops at the Taos (NM) Summer Writers Conference (2010, 2013) and was invited to participate in the 2013 Castle Rock (CO) Writers Conference. She will teach a workshop at the Custer County Library in Westcliffe the first weekend in 2014.


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